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Tuesday, June 22

9:00am EDT

Best Practices for Secret Management with GitOps - Kara de la Marck, CloudBees
GitOps uses Git as the “single source of truth” for declarative infrastructure and enables developers to manage infrastructure with the same Git-based workflows they use to manage a codebase. Having all configuration files version-controlled by Git has many advantages, but best practices for securely managing secrets with GitOps remain contested. Join us in this presentation about GitOps and Secret Management. Attendees will learn about different approaches to secret management with GitOps, the issues involved, and the secret management solutions offered by various tools and platforms. We will discuss the pros and cons of Vault, SOPS, offerings by public cloud providers, and more.

avatar for Kara de la Marck

Kara de la Marck

Senior Ecosystem Advocate, CDF
Kara is a Senior Ecosystem Advocate at the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) and co-chair of the CDF’s Interoperability SIG. Having worked as a developer, Kara enjoys helping developer teams and companies get better at delivering software. She is passionate about open source... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 9:00am - 9:30am EDT
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9:35am EDT

Combining Progressive Delivery With GitOps And Continuous Delivery - Viktor Farcic, Shipa
Three phrases keep popping up when talking about modern workflows and development and deployment techniques. We have continuous delivery to automate the complete lifecycle of applications from a commit to a Git repository, all the way until a release is deployable to production. Then we have GitOps to define the desired states of our environments and let the machines handle the converge the actual into the desired state. Finally, there is a lot of focus on different deployment strategies grouped under progressive delivery. They are all focused on the iterative release of features to make the process safe, prevent downtime, and reduce the blast radius of potential issues. Through a hands-on demo, we will combine Argo CD as a tool of choice for applying GitOps, Argo Rollouts for progressive delivery, and a combination of Argo Events and Argo Workflows.

avatar for Viktor Farcic

Viktor Farcic

Open Source Program Manager, Shipa

Tuesday June 22, 2021 9:35am - 10:05am EDT

10:10am EDT

GitOps: Yea or Nay? - Ricardo Castro, DefinedCrowd
GitOps is a paradigm or a set of practices that empowers developers to perform tasks that typically (only) fall under the purview of operations. It’s a way to do Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. Being Git at the center of delivery pipelines, engineers use familiar tools to make pull requests to accelerate and simplify both application deployments and operations tasks to Kubernetes. GitOps software agents (e.g. ArgoCD, Flux, and Jenkins X) can alert on any divergence between Git with what's running in a cluster, and if there's a difference, Kubernetes reconcilers automatically update or rollback the cluster depending on the case. This talk will include a demo of ArgoCD/Flux/Jenkins X on how to configure and use it to accelerate and simplify application deployments.

avatar for Ricardo Castro

Ricardo Castro

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Farfetch
Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Farfetch. MSc in Computer Science by the University of Porto. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Working daily to build high performance... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 10:10am - 10:40am EDT

10:45am EDT

Level Unlocked: GitOps to the Edge and Infrastructure Provisioning - Katie Gamanji, The Linux Foundation
Within its 7 years of existence, Kubernetes has been the centerpiece of the cloud native landscape, elevating a pluggable system that led to the diversification of the technology ecosystem. As a result, multiple areas have developed in the industry, galvanizing solutions for components that introduce standardization, guidelines, and interoperability of the tools. To innovate the developer experience and delivery of the application, the community focused on restructuring and modernizing the CI/CD operations.

This talk will outline how cloud native GitOps tools, such as ArgoCD and Flux, unlock the zero-touch deployment of infrastructure and applications at the edge. Attendees will acquire an understanding of GitOps usage in association with ClusterAPI for infrastructure provisioning and KubeEdge for the service propagation to the edge.

avatar for Katie Gamanji

Katie Gamanji

Ecosystem Advocate @ CNCF, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Tuesday June 22, 2021 10:45am - 11:15am EDT
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11:15am EDT

BoF Session: GitOps Summit - Dan Garfield, Codefresh & Tracy Ragan, DeployHub
Birds of a Feather (BoF) session is an informal discussion about topics concerning the GitOps community. It's the perfect opportunity to meet with project leaders and peers to catch up, share information and ask questions.

Everyone is welcome to ask questions, share ideas and talk about how the entire community can work together to push the ecosystem forward.

avatar for Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield

Argo Maintainer, Chief Open Source Officer, Codefresh
Dan Garfield is the Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer of Codefresh, a continuous delivery, and GitOps platform. He helped launch the GitOps Working Group and helped lead the creation of the Open GitOps principles. As an Argo Maintainer, Kubernaut, Google Developer Expert, he... Read More →
avatar for Tracy Ragan

Tracy Ragan

CEO, DeployHub
Tracy Ragan is a well-known DevOps and SBOM evangelist. She currently serves as a Board Member Representative for the OpenSSF. She previously served on the board of the Continuous Delivery Foundation for 3 years and was a founding Board Member of the Eclipse Foundation. She is the... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 11:15am - 11:45am EDT

11:15am EDT

Morning Break
Tuesday June 22, 2021 11:15am - 11:45am EDT

11:45am EDT

Welcome & Opening Remarks - Tracy Miranda, The Linux Foundation
avatar for Tracy Miranda

Tracy Miranda

Executive Director, Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF)
Tracy Miranda is the executive director of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) where she leads the mission to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed. Prior to CDF, Tracy was the Director of Open Source at CloudBees. Tracy is a veteran of the... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 11:45am - 12:05pm EDT

12:10pm EDT

Keynote Panel: Why GitOps? - Tracy Ragan, DeployHub; Dan Garfield, Codefresh; Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks; Moderated by Dan Lorenc, Google
GitOps, Infrastructure as Code, and the DevOps pipeline, how do they fit together and how are they different? Join this amazing panel of industry leaders including Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks, Tracy Ragan, DeployHub, and Dan Garfield of Codefresh, moderated by Dan Lorenc of Google and the CDF TOC chair. Hear how they define GitOps and where it fits into CI/CD. They will explore the beginnings of GitOps and discuss how it will mature as more companies begin their journey into operations by pull request. Learn if GitOps will work for your organization and understand the challenges before you make the move. 

avatar for Dan Lorenc

Dan Lorenc

CEO, Chainguard
Dan has been working on and worrying about containers since 2015 as an engineer and manager.He started projects like MinikubeSkaffold, and Kaniko to make containers easy and fun, then got so worried about the state of OSS supply-chains he partnered up with Kim and others to f... Read More →
avatar for Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield

Argo Maintainer, Chief Open Source Officer, Codefresh
Dan Garfield is the Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer of Codefresh, a continuous delivery, and GitOps platform. He helped launch the GitOps Working Group and helped lead the creation of the Open GitOps principles. As an Argo Maintainer, Kubernaut, Google Developer Expert, he... Read More →
avatar for Tracy Ragan

Tracy Ragan

CEO, DeployHub
Tracy Ragan is a well-known DevOps and SBOM evangelist. She currently serves as a Board Member Representative for the OpenSSF. She previously served on the board of the Continuous Delivery Foundation for 3 years and was a founding Board Member of the Eclipse Foundation. She is the... Read More →
avatar for Cornelia Davis

Cornelia Davis

Product Management, CNCF TOC, Amazon
Cornelia has been working in IT systems for several decades with the last 10 years focused on DevOps platforms. She was part of the team that brought Cloud Foundry to the industry - both the open source project and the Pivotal CF product. In the last 5+ years she has applied that... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 12:10pm - 12:50pm EDT

12:55pm EDT

ReleaseOps: GitOps for the People - Lian Li, Container Solutions
MoneyBank Inc. is a fintech enterprise that recently made the jump to K8s and GitOps to cope with the shift of demands from cranking out features towards stability and scalability. Yet, even with a fully automated CICD and shiny new microservices, features still take weeks to be released. As teams keep waiting on each other, frustrations, resentment, and mistrust grow.
MoneyBank’s situation is typical for organizations with enterprise processes and startup mindsets. When faced with problems, the urge is often to move fast and automate them away. However, the cultural and regulatory structures to support these changes are not in the scope of said automation. One more piece is missing to address the needs of non-technical stakeholders within the ever-changing CICD landscape.
In this talk, we will attempt to automate the non-automatable with ReleaseOps: GitOps for the people.

avatar for Lian Li

Lian Li

Engineering Manager & Cloud Native Engineer, Container Solutions BV
Lian always wanted to save the world.After a failed attempt at becoming a lawyer, she decided to do something with computers instead. Working as a Fullstack Software Engineer, she got into attending tech events and giving talks on Machine Learning. During this time, she fell in love... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 12:55pm - 1:25pm EDT

1:30pm EDT

Managing Storage via GitOps - Christian Hernandez, Red Hat
GitOps is a practice of DevOps teams that uses Git as a source of truth for their Kubernetes platform. Using GitOps, the entire system described declaratively, the canonical desired system state versioned in Git, and approved changes that can be automatically applied to the system. This gives you the advantage to quickly restore from a disaster. This is great for stateless applications. But what about your stateful applications? In this session Christian will take you though the challenges with managing storage in your GitOps workflows. In addition, Christian will go through some tips and tricks to help along your GitOps journey.

avatar for Christian Hernandez

Christian Hernandez

Head of Developer Experence and Community Management, Codefresh
Christian is a well rounded technologist with experience in infrastructure engineering, systems administration, enterprise architecture, tech support, advocacy, and management. Passionate about OpenSource and containerizing the world one application at a time. Lately he's been focusing... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 1:30pm - 2:00pm EDT
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2:00pm EDT

Afternoon Break
Tuesday June 22, 2021 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

The SAME Project: A GitOps Approach to Reproducible Machine Learning with Flux and Kubeflow - David Aronchick, Azure, Microsoft & Chanwit Kaewkasi, Weaveworks
We live in a time of both feast and famine in machine learning. Large orgs are publishing state-of-the-art models at an ever-increasing rate but data scientists face daunting challenges reproducing results themselves. Even in the best cases, where a newly forked code runs without syntax errors, this only solves a part of the problem as the pipelines used to run the models are often completely excluded. The Self-Assembling Machine Learning Environment (SAME) project is a new Kubernetes, Kubeflow and Flux project and community around a common goal: creating tooling that allows for quick ramp-up, seamless collaboration and efficient scaling - through the magic of GitOps. This talk will discuss our initial public release, done in collaboration with data scientists from across the spectrum, where we are going next and how people can use our learnings in their own practices.

avatar for Chanwit Kaewkasi

Chanwit Kaewkasi

Developer Experience, Weaveworks
avatar for David Aronchick

David Aronchick

Program Manager, Azure, Microsoft
David Aronchick leads open source machine learning strategy at Azure. He spends most of his time helping humans convince machines to be smarter. (He’s only moderately successful at this.) Previously, he led product management for Kubernetes on behalf of Google, launched Google Kubernetes... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT

3:05pm EDT

Progressive Delivery at Intuit, the Next Chapter in a GitOps Journey. - Henrik Blixt & Jesse Suen, Intuit
After successfully implementing a GitOps based platform, now spanning over 350 clusters and thousands of services, Intuit is embarking on a new journey of progressive delivery. Accelerating developer velocity and innovation while ensuring smooth service introductions and upgrades, are some of the key goals of this effort. Come and hear Henrik and Jesse dive into their vision of a progressive delivery platform, what they have already done to realize this and how it’s being rolled out at scale at Intuit. The talk will draw experiences and examples from their work at Intuit and the use of Argo CD and Argo Rollouts, but the concepts, ideas and results are equally applicable to other GitOps/progressive delivery tools and for companies in similar situations.

avatar for Henrik Blixt

Henrik Blixt

Product Manager - Platform and Open Source, Intuit
Henrik is a Principal Product Manager at Intuit, working on open source and platform in the Developer Experience organization. For the last 15 years he's been on a mission to provide tools and make life easier for anyone who wants to manage or consume clouds and cloud services. From... Read More →
avatar for Jesse Suen

Jesse Suen

CTO, Akuity
Jesse is a Principal Engineer at Intuit and a core contributor and technical lead of the open-source Argo suite of projects (Workflows, CD, Rollouts). He has spent the past five years developing microservices-based, distributed applications, and controllers for Kubernetes. He was... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 3:05pm - 3:35pm EDT
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3:40pm EDT

Self Healing GitOps: Continuous, Secure GitOps using Flux, Helm and OPA - Om Moolchandani, Accurics
Flux empowers the community to adopt GitOps for K8s without a separate CD tool. Flux triggers automated operations for cluster reconciliation by monitoring changes in git for images and artifacts such as Helm Charts. While Flux enables hyper automation for cluster deployment, how can teams ensure they aren't slowed down by requirements such as security, privacy and compliance? In this talk, Om Moolchandani will discuss how to leverage the power of the Open Policy Agent to automate delivery of secure, compliant deployments. Flux with OPA can ensure that any Helm charts and container images to be deployed, are compliant with the established policies. Om will also demonstrate a new approach of self healing GitOps to the community which leverages OPA's Rego language to remediate risks and violations on the fly.

avatar for Om Moolchandani

Om Moolchandani

Co-founder & CTO, Accurics
Om is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Accurics where he sets the technology strategy for the company. Prior to Accurics, Om was Chief Security Officer at AutoGrid, leading cloud security for its Energy SaaS cloud. Om was also head of cybersecurity for General Electric’s... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 3:40pm - 4:10pm EDT
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4:15pm EDT

GitOps for Great Apes: Policy, PaaS, or YOLO? - Rosalind Benoit, Themist
This talk takes a look at GitOps and Policy Automation through the lens of our cognitive roots. We'll look at software tool use and how it helps us scale the thinking processes we share with other tailless primates. We'll address what Policy solves for GitOps and whether or not our current implementation supports this. In the year of human-centered tech, we'll take a look at cognitive neuroscience, what it means to be a fundamentally human engineer, and how tools can adapt. Check out a demo of a new platform and understand why the problems it aims to solve, matter to your fellow humans.

avatar for Rosalind Benoit

Rosalind Benoit

CEO, Themist
Rosalind, CEO of Themist, is building a policy-driven ops platform that provides each persona in the software supply chain with a smart, equipped context to quickly get up and running. An ex-employee of Armory and Puppet and former sysadmin, Rosalind holds an MSIS in Database & Internet... Read More →

Tuesday June 22, 2021 4:15pm - 4:45pm EDT
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4:45pm EDT

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